Van Housen for Board
Education and Safety for All of Our Students

Campaign Issues




Students with disabilities and students of color are more likely to be negatively affected by the presence of officers in our buildings, I will never ever vote for an officer in our schools.

Another Bond for More shiny New Building

We need to enjoy our $193 million updates to our buildings and be good stewards of what we have. This is not the time to keep on building when we have difficulty supporting the programming in our current buildings

Culture and Climate

Outside entities tell us our culture and climate are toxic. I believe this toxicity starts at the top and flows down. Toxic culture and climate problems affect staff and students’ health, safety and learning. We can do better and the board will expect better.

Equity in Educational Opportunity and Experience

We will expect results. Our students of color and students receiving special education services will be educated no matter the school they attend.

Special Education

Students will receive all supports as detailed on the IEPs, without exception.

Seclusion and Restraint

Data will be publicized in a transparent manner monthly.

Family and Community Engagement

A comprehensive family and communty engagement plan will be included in the district-wide Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. Family and community engagement is a pillar of change and our schools will be  welcoming schools.